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Extra External CS EE Sources

Why are these EEs not added to our main collection?

The first main reason is permission. CS EE World has a policy that every EE in our main collection will be self hosted, that way as long as our site is up, all our EEs will be accessible (and nobody will face the disappointment of encountering a dead link 🙂). This means we need to get permission to host these people's EEs. Some people refuse, and some never get back to us, so the best thing we can do is link to their EEs here.

The second main reason is marks. As we state in our donation form, the usefulness of a sample is limited if we don't know the marks it received. For some external EEs, even if we have the permission add them to our main collection, we decide not to because we couldn't get good enough information of the marks they received.

External Source Library

If you've found an EE that isn't part of our main collection and also isn't mentioned here,

go ahead and send us an email about it from the contact form on our homepage!

Also please inform us if any of the links we have here no longer work.

Number of Sources mentioned: 5

UWCSEA (short for United World College - South East Asia) has a massive digital library of books, text books, and academic work. They also have over 30 Computer Science EEs (as of August 2019). Some of these EEs also have surprisingly unique and interesting research questions. Though the year of each EE is stated, the marks are not revealed. And unfortunately, some of the more recent EEs are inaccessible unless you have a UWCSEA student account.


Instructions to access their CS EEs:

  1. On the library's homepage, click the UWCSEA Dover-Secondary Library hyperlink.

  2. Click on the Catalog tab.

  3. Enter "Computer Science Extended Essays" into the search bar and either press the Enter key on your keyboard or press the Keyword button below the search bar.

As of August 2019, there were 6 EEs in this directory. Though the marks are displayed, it's not always stated which year these EEs are from.

This page holds a May 2018 EE with the scripts used in the research included. Though not included on the GitHub page, the marks are given on Wikipedia (it got 21 out of 34). The author's email is also available on his GitHub.

As of August 2019, this repo contained 9 English EEs and a few Spanish ones as well. Also, since these are official samples from IB, some of them also have examiner comments on them. The marks for each EE are also shown. Unfortunately, all of these EEs are pre-2018.

This EE is pre-2018 with no explicit information on the marks it received (though the author did tell us he got an A or a B). The author's email is available on his homepage.

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